Antalya Provincial Directorate of Health  

 Antalya Province 112 Ambulance Service started to serve with 7 Ambulances and 72 personnel in 1996 within Antalya Province Health Directorate. The emergence call system chanced from December 2009 and all emergency calls are responded within one single mark,official number of 112. Medical service, police, gendarmarie, coast guard, fire brigade, forest service and Management of Emergengency and Disaster Authorities(AFAD) are involved in 112 call system. 

 As of 2014, Antalya Province 112 Ambulance Service serving with 718 personnel in 52 Station, 75 ambulances including 1 air ambulance, 1 ambulance for obese patients, 2 snow tracked ambulances, 2 ambulances with 4 strechers, 3 motorcycle ambulances and 66 ambulances. Serve has been given to domestic and foreign patients in a number of 97.533 in 2013 and 76.751 in first 8 months of 2014. 

Antalya is one of the biggest cities of Turkey with its 640 km coast and high Toros Mountains. It's very important to deliver a patient who is needed urgent medical attention to the nearest medical establishment in an area such as big and in geographic features. For this reason our air ambulance which makes medical personnel to reach quickly to the scene and patient, in the absence of enough time for the patient to be transfered to a health facility, performs the transport fast under adequte meteorologic conditions. 

   Motorcyle ambulance is a project started by Ministry of Health in 2011. It serves effectively especially in densely populated cities and and centers which have population growth during tourism season. In our city there are three motorcycle ambulances. Our motorcyle crew intervene in short span of time to the patients in narrow streets which land ambulance hardly reach and the drownings which occurs seafront.

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